WEBINAR – Friday 26th March

Adult Dyslexia Assessment and Reports Explained

Are you considering having an adult dyslexia assessment, and want to learn more about the process? Or perhaps develop an understanding of your existing adult dyslexia report in more detail? Join us to get the answers to these and many other questions


Anna Cooper








Fri, 26th March

12:00 NOON GMT


The Dyslexia Association of London has been in operation since 1972.Listen

We believe that dyslexia should not stand as a barrier to success for any person. Many celebrities, entrepreneurs and high-performing individuals have overcome their learning difficulties to achieve their goals.Listen

We encourage our members to aim high, and offer them resources to unlock their potential through careful promotion of events, support groups and creative opportunities.Listen

Membership is open to individuals, parents, teachers and to all interested in dyslexia. Members will have access to Adult Dyslexia Support Group meetings and will receive notice of meetings and events.Listen


Resources for members living with DyslexiaListen


Professional networking events to meet like-minded individualsListen

Case Studies

Meet the individuals who defy Dyslexia to achieve successListen


News, information and scientific studiesListen

Join Our Online Membership GroupListen

For an annual membership fee of just £15.00, members will have full access to the Adult Dyslexia Support Membership Group video conference and resources.Listen

Your support enables us to continue to provide a range of projects throughout the year and vital information through our website, social media channels and a support group for anyone who may have been recently diagnosed with dyslexia Listenor who may be struggling at work or higher-level education.Listen


London Adult Dyslexia Support Group SuspendedListen

The Adult Dyslexia support group was set up almost 25 years ago by Eileen Harwood, who still runs it to this day.Listen

It was set up as a safe place for adults with dyslexia to come together and share their experiences and struggles with dyslexia, and also to help uplift each other.Listen

Owing to the current public health issues, we have cancelled all meetings until further notice. If you need any help or support, please email [email protected] with your concerns.Listen



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Dyslexia Events in LondonListen

Unfortunately due to circumstances that are out of our control, we are unable to run the Adult Dyslexia Conference this year.Listen

If you need any help or support please email [email protected] with your concerns.Listen



A Useful Dyslexia Handbook for AdultsListen

Review by Omar GunnooListen

At first glance, the title offers no obvious cryptic meanings. However, when reading on it becomes evident that just like the title, the book’s strength is in in its simplicity.Listen

In saying that, the title gives little justice to how incredibly ‘useful’ this ‘hand book’ truly is.Listen


About Your DonationsListen

Where & How They are usedListen

The Adult Dyslexia Support Group runs the second Monday of each month by Eileen Harwood.Listen

We are grateful for all donations, as they ensure that Eileen is able to keep the support group running in the future and provide a safe place for Adult Dyslexics to come for support.Listen

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