Emma Wee – Neurodiverse Strategy Coach

Emma has a background in visual arts and language. She trained as a sculptor and has worked as a theatre designer for 20 years, managing and mentoring different ways of thinking.

Through her work with young adults with ASD, and research around non-verbal languages, Emma has found herself as a coach. Her strengths lie in facilitating clients through a creative process that matches their neurodiversity. This is an atypical process that is grounded in practical strategies to ensure clients are prepared for the challenges they may experience in a typical workplace.

Emma feels that living with Dyslexia is manageable and aims to help others feel the same. Her clients say:

“Just knowing that I’m wired differently and not stupid has been a revelation.”

“Now that I realise that there is no ‘set picture’ I am enjoying what I do”

“If they don’t appreciate and value me for my dyslexia as I do, then I’m not in the right place”