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We have curated the upcoming dyslexia-related events in London and nearby areas. Please feel free to check out this event page every now and then for the latest happenings and gatherings.

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Do I have Visual Dyslexia..? | Dyslexia Show (FREE webinar by Exceptional Individuals)

Am I a Visual Dyslexic? Join Exceptional Individuals’ dyslexia webinar. See if your reading difficulties could be signs of Visual dyslexia!


March 28, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm UTC+0

About this Event

Do I have Phonological dyslexia…? [Interactive Webinar]

Am I a Phonological dyslexic? Join Exceptional Individuals‘ Phonological dyslexia webinar. See if your reading difficulties could be signs and symptoms of this prevalent but regularly mistaken learning difference.

Adults with undiagnosed Phonological dyslexia often don’t understand that their educational and work challenges derive from a learning difference beyond their control.

Phonological dyslexia is extreme difficulty reading that is a result of phonological impairment, meaning the ability to manipulate the basic sounds of language. The individual sounds of language become ‘sticky’, unable to be broken apart and manipulated easily. This type of dyslexia is synonymous with dyslexia itself.

Do you think you have dyslexia? Take your learnings of this dyslexia characteristics webinar as a starting point of a conversation with your doctor or someone up with your neurodivergent lifehack.

This group webinar intends to learn if you show traits similar to those of Phonological dyslexia. This webinar is not meant to diagnose. Only a qualified professional can make a diagnosis.

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