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The Clumsy Child Dyspraxia Trope | An Interactive Pop-Culture Webinar by Exceptional Individuals

August 18 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm UTC+0

Online Event

About this event

The Clumsy Child Dyspraxia Trope is a webinar by Exceptional Individuals that discusses how the media trope of the clumsy child has been depicted.

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The clumsy child is a character that everyone knows and loves. So long as they aren’t involved in their plans, anyway. The Klutz bumbles, stumbles and fumbles at seemingly anything they do, but they are kept around for one reason or another. The unstated reason is that they make a great Plucky Comic Relief or a perfect mixture with The Ditz when making comical blunders because of their funnily clumsy nature, and serve as a humanising accessory to a hero if he/she is The Stoic.

Lets dive deep into how hollywood has portrayed possible dyspraxia in mass media

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