Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW) 2018

Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW) takes place from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th October.  World Dyslexia Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday 4th October.

The purpose of this week is to raise awareness and understanding of Dyslexia that encourages positive change.

The British Dyslexia Association are hosting interactive and fun events this week related to different themes. For example, technology and skill development. You can find out more below:

Helen Arkell are raising awareness about dyslexia and spreading the word about their work through events, activities and social media.

You can get involved by “Holding a Dinner for Dyslexia”, Bake Sale, Walk for Dyslexia, and much more.

Check out the events over the course of Dyslexia Awareness Week below:

At Dyslexia Association of London, we are always looking to grow our team and take on board dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming one then visit our volunteering page which tells you what the job purpose is and how to apply.