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Halloween Book Club


Halloween Autumn Book Club Meeting

Continuing with our pirate books into October and the next Book Club meet up is… Halloween!


Past Webinars

If you missed it, there is still time to watch the webinars below.

Zuleikha Issop-Rajah  Webinar

Adult Dyslexia Assessment and Reports Explained

If you are considering having an assessment and are interested in learning more about the process or you have had an assessment and would like to develop your understanding of your report, join us to get the answers to your questions.Listen
Zuleikha Issop-Rajah  Webinar

Manage your Emotions with Aromatherapy

Discover how aromatherapy is used to maintain physical and mental health by helping your brain to relax, restore balance and address difficult emotions.Listen
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Health and Wellbeing

On this webinar, Anita Chakaburtty and Geeta Vara shared a great understanding of the value of health and wellbeing.Listen

The Impact of Dyslexia in the Workplace

Watch Willorna Brock’s webinar where you will learn your rights and the support you are entitled to as a person with dyslexia in the workplace.Listen 
Iris Berent Webinar

Decoding Dyslexia - What it is, and why we get it wrong

 Watch this very special webinar, where Dr Iris Berent shared new light on the nature of dyslexia based on her years of research as a cognitive psychologist.Listen 

Olive featured

Make Literacy Easier with Mental Imagery

Join Olive Hickmott on this webinar where you leave with a great understanding of the value of mental imagery for learning, especially for reading, spelling, handwriting, concentration etc.Listen 

A Dyslexia Aware Perspective

This webinar discusses about the emotional challenges dyslexic people may be experiencing that have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.Listen

Past Book Club Meetings

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