MEETING – Sunday 28th November 2020

Autumn Book Club

Join us for the last Autumn Book Club Meeting to talk about Pirate-themed books.

Laura King









Sun, 28th November

2:00 PM GMT

We’d love to hear from you about future stories you’d like to read and what you think of the club so far. Please do register and pop in when you’re free to give us some feedback.

In this meeting, you will experience:

talk like a pirate

Extra points for talking like a pirate.

bring a pirate

Bring a fellow pirate.

sing like a pirate

Sing your favourite sea shanty.

share food

Share your pirate themed lunch.

Continue the discussion, join us in the forum.

About Laura King

Dyslexia Association of London

Laura has recently taken over as our Forum Manager and Book Club organiser.

She comes from a social media and newspaper background and is looking forward to meeting you all!

Laura King

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