Succeeding and Belonging at Work with Dyslexia and Neurodiversity

Donna Stevenson


6th October 2023

02:00 PM GMT

Ready to unlock the power of diversity in your workplace? In this webinar, Head of Training and Assessment Donna Stevenson will explore the vital intersections of neurodiversity within the workplace. Uncovering Neurodiverse Brilliance through a fresh perspective on the incredible potential neurodiverse individuals bring to a team. The importance of building a Neurodiverse-Friendly Environment and what ingredients are needed to create an inclusive space where you can foster a sense of belonging.

In this webinar you will learn:

awareness on work

Explore the traits and characteristics of Neurodiversity

simplify process

Share insights into what it means to belong at work

support for adults

Encourage a sense of belonging in the workplace for neurodiversity.

Webinar Slides

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About Donna Stevenson

Donna Stevenson started her career as a Nursery Nurse and a Primary School teacher. She developed a passion for supporting those learners with dyslexia, which led her to work for many years at the British Dyslexia Association.  Over the years at the BDA, she worked with children and adults with dyslexia,  working within education and workplaces to raise awareness and champion the dyslexia-friendly approach.  Her passion in the latter part of her career is now supporting adults in the workplace through delivering training and as a Workplace Needs Assessor.   She has recently joined the SWD team as Head of Training and Assessment, utilising her years of experience to create a global service.

About Succeed With Dyslexia

Succeed with Dyslexia aims to give a platform for the dyslexic and neurodiverse community to celebrate positive stories and inspirational individuals, as well as facilitate change within our community.  We deliver training and offer assessments as well as providing free, information and support.

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