Dyslexia and Your Rights
in the Workplace

Christopher White


September 09, 2022

12:00 Noon GMT

The majority of dyslexic individuals will, at some point in their lives, experience some form of discrimination due to their brain’s alternative way of processing information.

Join us on this webinar, where Chris will shed new light on the legal side of some of the most common issues faced by people with dyslexia in their workplace. With his help, we will have a look at your rights as an employee, and how your neurodiversity affects these. There will also be a discussion around the Equality Act 2010 and what it means for neurodiverse employees. We will also touch on how to address potential discrimination in the workplace.

In this webinar you will learn:

Self Assessment

What are your rights as an employee?


How does the Equality Act protect neurodiverse individuals?

New Work

How to address potential discrimination in the workplace.

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About Christopher White

Christopher White is a solicitor by training and works for the Government Legal Department currently seconded to the Ministry of Defence. He also volunteers with the South Westminster Legal Advice Centre and is one of the trustees and supervising solicitors. Chris is also a lecturer at The Open University where he is involved in the Open Justice Clinic run by the University which provides students with pro-bono opportunities.

South Westminster Legal Advice Centre is a charity staffed by volunteers. Most of their lawyers are in full-time practice as solicitors and barristers, or working as in-house lawyers for companies or Government departments, with a huge breadth of expertise. SWLAC’s objective is to support those within the Westminster area and offer free legal advice to empower those who can’t afford it.




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