Dyslexia Screening Tool

This questionnaire is suitable for adults who suspect they may be dyslexic.

Although it does not constitute a formal evaluation, the questionnaire will help identify the following:

  • Learning patterns that are commonly associated with dyslexia
  • Dyslexia traits that you might have but you didn’t know were associated with dyslexia
  • Understand more about yourself and how your brain works

The tool is for personal use only and may help you decide if a professional assessment would be helpful for you.


This questionnaire has been designed primarily as an educational tool. It cannot be used as evidence of specific learning difficulty for educational or other purposes. It is not certified by any educational psychologist or an appropriately qualified dyslexia specialist. Rather, it is based on the volunteer and lived experience of individuals with dyslexia who share a close relationship with the dyslexia community. These questions are designed to help people feel less isolated with some of their difficulties and to recognise their strengths. Included links to DAL Web pages are not endorsements by the professionals, but are designed to assist with further information on specific topics.