Can we reduce educational inequality with technology?

Can dyslexia technology help our young people do better?

Every week Dyslexia Association of London receives news of new apps, technology and learning systems that claim to help young people with Dyslexia read better, learn better and perform better. But is there any validity to their claims? Whilst we can’t test each and every thing we are sent, we encourage you to participate in research and take part in focus groups. Our aim is to put those creating new technologies in touch with dyslexics so that in the near future some of these ideas may come to fruition. All focus groups are listed in our events calendar.

Recently we were contacted by NightTales App. The duo behind it aim to help those with dyslexia read easier, by creating accessible books, games and learning tools.  

The technology was developed by the winners of the Prince’s Trust STEM programme- Get Started with Apps (Summer 2015). NightTales needs your help to truly work.Consider completing a survey to help the duo make NightTales as successful as possible.

In the mean time, stay tuned to our social media @dyslexia_London for more updates and news.