‘Think Autism’Listen

In April 2014 the government published ‘Think Autism’, a strategy for meeting the needs of autistic adults in England. The strategy supports the Autism Act 2009.Listen

‘Think Autism’ sets out a clear programme that the Department of Health and other government departments will be taking to improve the lives of people with autism.ListenPrimarily through taking actions that will support local authorities, the NHS, other public services and their partners with their local implementation work.Listen

‘Think Autism’ has a new focus on building communities that are more aware of and accessible to the needs of people with autism.ListenIt also looks at promoting innovative local ideas, services or projects that can help people in their communities and how advice and information on services can be better joined up.ListenThere is a package of funding of £4.5 million which DH will be using to take forward themes in the strategy update.Listen

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