Rosalind Smith – Don’t let dyslexia hold you back!

Rosalind Smith is 9 years old and feels her strengths are her determination, imagination and her super strong legs!

Rosalind is creative and loves imaginative play, science, history and reading. Her dyslexia was formally identified as she began year 3. Although an extra special teacher at school has helped Rosalind regain her confidence in, and enjoyment of learning, she wishes people better understood the extra challenges for learning with dyslexia. Not that she lets her diagnoses hold her back. Her family has lost count of the Mathletics certificates Rosalind has accrued in her after school brain building quests!

Earlier this year Rosalind completed a 25 mile cycle around Hertfordshire to raise money for the British Dyslexia Association and to raise her confidence. Her report was published in Dyslexia Contact and is a humorous and touching read. She’s already planning to cycle coast-to-coast before she leaves primary school to support BDA (her adoptive favourite charity).

Rosalind’s fundraising page for her cycle is currently closed but she urges you to donate to the 2016 BDA helpline appeal which aims to raise £90,000 in order to better support dyslexics, their parents and caregivers, teachers and employers. You can find out more information about the charity and the helpline appeal on the website.

This case study has been adapted from an article published in September issue of Dyslexia Contact