Water Watcher InnovationListen 

Did you know that leaving the water tap running whilst brushing your teeth wastes approximately 12 litres of water?Listen

The team of Water Watcher developed a small and inexpensive innovation.ListenThe main aim of this innovation is to remind people to turn the tap off and is particularly helpful for forgetful people; for example, children and people that suffer from memory problems.Listen

Features and Functionalities of the Water WatcherListen

Water Watcher is a user-friendly item that consists of a strap that goes onto the faucet of any tap.  It also contains a vibration sensor and is encased in silicone to make it adjustable and waterproof.Listen

It connects via Bluetooth to an alarm which can be hidden from sight.ListenA prototype of this innovation was made using the BBC micro: bit and a small speaker for the alarm. We envisage the final product being small, compact and easy to use: with two settings for baths or sinks.Listen

How Does Water Watcher Work?Listen

This is an extremely interesting and useful innovation. If you would like to share any innovative products and services with us that help those suffering from Dyslexia or any other learning difficulties, do get in touch with us.Listen

In the meantime, you can find out more about the Water Watcher here. Listen