Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones


Wilfred is a classic entrepreneur and has an ‘anything is possible’ attitude to everything he approaches- even his health.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones has led quite the life, from growing up in inner city Birmingham to surviving Leukaemia in 2014 to begin in the Army and working for the BBC. He has accomplished a lot, despite leaving school with no qualifications.

He calls himself a “difficult student and undiagnosed dyslexic”. Stating that he was made to feel useless at school, unable to follow classes. Teachers called him thick and he believed them.

Wilfred dealt with his lack of understanding by being disruptive and playing truant.

When he was finally diagnosed “it was a huge relief and put a lot of things into perspective. Once you recognise it, dyslexia really can be a gift.

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He says-

“If I had known from the outset that I was dyslexic and had been helped to develop strategies and tools to manage it, it would have been hugely beneficial. For one thing I would have an education. I would have understood the barriers and fear that I subconsciously associated with learning, with reading and writing. As a result I am absolutely passionate that people who find difficulty in engaging in lessons, or feel confused and stupid, try and get some help. Awareness is everything.”

If you think that someone you know may be dyslexic visit www.dotr.im/daw

This case study has been adapted from an article published in September issue of Dyslexia Contact.